Monday, February 8, 2016

This week by María Belén Luna

This week, from the first to the fifth of February, was a really productive one. It was selected for planning different activities: elaborating an educational couple of sessions related to childhood rights, violence and laboral rights; diagnosing the different needs of the population we will be working with; and making a brain-storm with ideas about projects to be developed within the frame of the last cohort.
Firstly, the educational sessions were worked with the team in the mornings. This was the hardest thing to do taking into account that we are still knowing each other, the way each of us work, how to coordinate our efforts and understanding the rhythm of work. It is a really nice team, we all studied (or some still do) different careers, so it is a multidisciplinary group, for example: psychology, political science, social communication, etc. The different group ages are also really important for us, because it gives us the opportunity to grow personally and professionally simultaneously.
Secondly, the diagnosis was also hard, of course the first instance of it. The Alpacoma Center is a beautiful one. We can get there by teleferico, a trufi and then a short walk through the bricks factories. Once you get to the center, you open the gate of a different world. Even though it is still challenging, it is also a really beautiful and enjoyable one.  The teachers there were working hard, between the fear and the excitement of the new year that is starting. All of the teachers are new there, which makes an easy task, difficult, having them the responsibility of arranging the center for kids they do not know yet and for needs they are still getting in touch with. The other center, Las Lomas, was a rewarding place to be. You can also take the teleferico and a trufi to get there, the walk is shorter. We have seen the picture several times in the computer since Raúl wanted that we got there with some idea of how the place was. Since the personal of this center is an older one (some of them have worked there for 10 years or so), the organizational tasks are better arrange and we look forward to see this kind of management (including the one that teachers do) in Alpacoma center soon. This center is a bigger one, so they have more workers (teachers and cookers). We all loved the two of them, and finished the visits with a big smile in our faces. The joy of work for the society and see the amazing results our lasts cohorts had, made us go home with our minds blowing as much as they have blown with the incredible views.
Finally, the brain storming was a creative one. We all took our clever side and put it to work.  We took three project ideas and happily they were related to the needs of the population of the two centers (we planned them before doing the diagnosis to take some early steps).

This week was good for all of them, not only because now we can work better as a team, but also because personally, we can now feel free to take our ideas to a next level and work towards a more inclusive society.


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