Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Empowerment of Children and Youth by Abril Flores

The EMPO project is a project focused on work and support to children and youth in two schools, Las Lomas and Alpacoma.

The activities we do with the empowerment project can be summarised in 4 parts: bread making, care for young children, holding sessions/workshops with older children, and visiting community points.

On Monday morning we made bread in the center of Alpacoma. Making the bread turned out to be an activity that requires a lot of experience you need to know how to mix and knead the dough so that it can grow, something we continue to learn every week at the center.

Developing workshops is a task that requires a lot of imagination on our part as the children usually have a very scattered attention and tend to get bored quickly.

Tuesday workshops are with children of 8-11 years in the centers of Las Lomas and Wednesdays workshops are with children of the same age in the center Alpacoma.

Normally, dynamic games help them to understand the importance of issues such as nutrition and human rights. Teaching is one of the things that I like, because each child is different and you open your mind to participate with their ideas and thoughts. Many of these children live in adverse situations, however they are willing to learn and work, which encourages us to think of creative ideas to work with.

At the heart of the hills, recently, we added a new form of education which is to perform puppet theater where children have to create their own dialogue, practicing and performing the work for the little children. It was so fun to do this activity and children they put so much effort we are bringing the session to finish each topic puppets to move forward with them.

On Thursdays we take care of the little ones of about 3-4 years old together with Professor Patty in the morning. In this activity, we help children in their daily learning which is very nice because they are very tender children. It is one of the activities that I like. On Thursday afternoon, we visited the community point where we do activities with children from 2 years to 13 years.

Fridays are days of Action where we show our project manager visited other projects or other projects he works with in ICS. The Action Friday planned by our team was very funny as the children and volunteers in each team had to work together to overcome obstacles; it was a very creative and fun way to show the remaining members of ICS how to work with small children.

So far, work with this project has proved to be an enriching and valuable experience, because working with children is one of the most beautiful, challenging experiences and learn something new and different almost every day.

Translated by Faith Allen, Comms Team, York, UK.

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