Tuesday, July 28, 2015

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It is week six now. The holidays are over, we know our project, we know the centres, the kids, and the city. So there is definitely a feeling amongst the team that we are on the cusp of our most meaningful work.

We have some successful session under our belts too, so I´m sure that the skills are in place to pull of our upcoming workshops and apply ourselves as best we can. At this point I should make clear to whoever is reading this, that we are a behind on the number of sessions we have given due to the school holidays. However, this hasn´t stopped us from trying our hardest, and, we have managed to give some successful sessions (especially with the shoeshiners), and make plenty of bread, and generally expose the kids to something new that is hopefully memorable. Therefore, I am very excited at the thought of giving more sessions, simple because there is the potential to give some very valuable information and make a real impact in the minds of the children. Glimpsing their potential and growing personalities has been the defining feature of the trip so far, so the thought of impacting the children’s development positively over the next few weeks is very exciting.

Wish us and the kids luck!!! 

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