Thursday, June 18, 2015


My last cohort on the Youth and Child Empowerment Project, was definitely the closure I was looking for. Two were the number of themes we worked on the centers I was responsible for; with Niñas San Gabriel we continued on building the Peace Culture module, where volunteers chose to work on the environment part of it and in Alpacoma after executing the base line it was determined with the approval of the director, that social skills was something that definitely needed to be worked on.

That is how my last journey as a cooperante técnico began, being responsible of 4 different centers, where schedules over lapped each other, and working with two different sub teams. This is how the chance of working with the support of another in country volunteer became a viable option and so it happened, we had a Bolivian volunteer who I´ve come to really appreciate for the help she´s given I found in her a person that I could really trust to get the job well done. On top of that I worked alongside two Team Leaders that supported us unconditionally, not only morally but also going with us to the centers and facilitating the sessions, which really made us feel like an actual real team; a team I would later on discover I would really miss.

It´s always sad when a cycle comes to an end but at the same time knowing this makes you reflect on many things. This closure for me hasn´t been an exception, I´ve come to learn during these 10 months, things that I´m pretty sure If I weren´t  given the chance to  be part of the ICS program, I wouldn´t  have learned. Each volunteer I´ve bonded with, either from my project or other ones has definitely thought me something, you´ll always be in my heart. I hope I might have caused something similar in each of you, especially considering that one of the ICS objectives aims to have each person who has been through the scheme learn and grow from this experience.

Working here has given me the chance to meet many people of great value, with huge hearts and amazing minds, from the educators, parents, directors to the kids and young people that motivate me to believe that we can actually change the world. To have learnt about many issues like the health system, educational system and terminal diseases on top of social skills, peace culture, environment, justice, respect and acceptance, makes me believe that for both them and me this has worked as a trigger for each and every one of us to build their own path putting into practice what has been learned. This for me definitely means there is impact.

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