Friday, April 10, 2015

Welcome to Bolivia!

Welcome to Bolivia! 

Alex and Fiona 

Amongst mountains, rain, lost luggage, headaches, aspirins and coca tea, volunteers from cohort 12 completed their first week.  This group will stay in Bolivia for 10 weeks, until the beginning of June.  We started a new stage where we will develop skills both as a team as well as individuals.

Dear friends, volunteers, I welcome you and I would like to introduce the young team of “Childhood and Youth Empowerment”.
Vincent, UK team leader, comes from England to co-lead the team.
Adriana and Emma, the most experienced members of the project, will complete their last cohort as technical volunteers.
Soledad, the Bolivian volunteer, is joining the group for this quarter.

The UK volunteers are:
Alexander, who is 22 years old and comes from England.
Fiona, 22 years old, also from England.
Daniel, 21 years old and comes from Wales.
Lauren, 21 years old and comes from England.
Ruby, 18 years old and comes from Scotland.
Dominique, who is 18 years old and comes from England.

This cohort, the “Childhood and Youth Empowerment” team will work in six different centres and also with different modules in each one of these. In the three schools of Niñas San Gabriel (Villa Copacabana, San Isidro and Pampahasi Alto) work will be carried out in the area of Peace Culture. In Lomas San José work will be done on the subject of Food Security, Agriculture and Values, and also the issue of Recycling. On the other hand, the group of Avance Comunitario from Chasquipampa will focus in Citizen Safety, specifically in the prevention of alcohol and drug consumption, as well as violence.  After a diagnosis was done during the last cohort, work will be done, for the first time, in the Alpacoma centre and the subjects of Human Rights and Interpersonal Relations will be developed.  Lastly, with our partners (Childfund), the module on Oral Health will be carried out.

During our first week as a team I was aware of great enthusiasm and willingness to start working.  I hope that in the next 10 weeks these will get stronger and that a serious and important work is achieved which will inspire the team, youngsters and children, to develop friendships, to exchange cultural and different perspectives and to open minds up. I hope that unique experiences are enjoyed, that different realities are lived and above all, that personal development is achieved.

We should understand that in three months we will not change the world, but we can give a little to change the life of a child, of a youngster, and even our own life.  I am sure that when my experience in the project is finished, I will remember our work together with love and pride.

I anxiously await the work ahead.  I am sure that the mountains, the rain, the lost luggage, the headaches, the aspirins and the coca tea are simple obstacles that will be overcome as we go along the chosen path.  I know that in three months I will not be the same person I am at the moment and the feeling is exciting. Bring on the work!

 Adriana, Lauren and Daniel 

                                                                                 Ruby and Dom

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