Thursday, March 12, 2015

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Peace culture and empowerment are the topics we have taken on for the Niñas San Gabriel centers. These are centers where we have worked before but this time we have encountered some changes. On one hand we started to work in different centers to the ones past cohorts have worked in, and now our new destinies are San Isidro, Pampahasi Alto and Villa Copacabana. While this last center is the same as the one past cohorts have worked on, now we work with a new educator and a new group of girls.

Regarding the modules that are applied in these centers, we decided that we should keep the same line of work for the whole year, rather than starting to plan different themes with each cohort that arrives. This decision was not only taken by our project team but also by the educators at the centers. Furthermore, in this group we have been given information about the structure that each module has, which simply reinforced our idea of doing long term planning. Personally this motivated me to do a more in depth investigation job about the peace culture theme in the Bolivian context before doing the actual elaboration of the module. This is how we found a research paper from the Unir Foundation that identifies a bunch of necessary aspects to implement in our context to be able to work towards peace culture.

We started off with the planning of the module in a broader sense, which included what should be done farther on as well and not only the things to be done with this cohort. Since we are recently starting the school year in Bolivia and because of that the people from the centers are beginning to organize themselves and to accommodate the center, our sessions started late. Bearing in mind that the volunteers arrived on January the 11th, the actual work in the centers started on March the 2nd. I am nevertheless convinced that this module will continue on with the next cohort, and that these two prepared sessions were the ones that will open the doors for the next ones to come.

These two sessions were planned based on the first destiny of the module named “Global Community”. In this destiny we meant to spend the first session encouraging the girls to think about their lives and the role they have in society, identifying things that will surely have an effect on people globally. Inequality and racism, amongst other themes, were mentioned by these girls. This is how we tried as much as possible to work on the perceptions of the girls regarding themes such as diversity, respect, acceptance amongst other things. In the second session we got the girls to identify all the positive and negative aspects that describe our actual world and we asked ourselves to dream about all the changes we want to see in the future world. To conclude, we talked about all the values and actions we should implement to go from to actual world to the future one.


The sessions were very participative; no matter what age the girls are, it is always amazing to find conscientious people who are actually aware of what happens around us and willing to seek change.

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