Thursday, March 19, 2015

Alejandro Calderon AKA Pizus Team Leader Cohorts 10 and 11 Blog in English.


The Cohort 11 is not only special because it is the first of the year but also because there have been a lot of changes: We are working on four projects, the cooperantes técnicos changed projects, each project is led by 2 Team Leaders (one British and the otherone national), We had 6 UKV's per project and is the first time that it is a dry program.

Personally, I believe that these changes were good because many of the problems that we had in previous Cohorts did not appear at any time and / or were reduced considerably. However, on base of these changes new challenges appeared and, from the experience of this cohort, transformed into strategies to improve the work of ICS for the next Cohorts.

It was the first time that the team Childhood and Youth Empowerment, as well as the other three projects, worked with one national TL and one from Britain. The experience we had working together and in the same position was excellent because we knew how to divide larger tasks and sharing leadership roles. The key of all these were two: excellent communication and personal relationship.

On base of this relationship we could built, with the cooperantes técnicos, the team was able not only to reach targets but also to develop and create a sustainable plan job that will be a solid foundation for the next Cohorts and the partner with whom we work.

And in the end, everyone working in this program have two options: follow to the letter and fulfill our responsibilities without risking to create something new and important or not only fulfill the responsibilities but also create and innovate tools, activities and processes that promote further development and empowerment of the partners we work with. We chose the second one.

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