Thursday, October 16, 2014

What impact do we want?

We talk a lot about the impact we all want to achieve in the different types of projects we work in: how big they are, how important they are, how helpful they are, if they endure over time, etc., etc.

But we are forgetting two very important things: firstly, the question about how good the impact is, and secondly, what is the impact we can make within the British International Service.

Obviously, in less than three months, it is very difficult to make a great and transcendental change in any institution or in any project, but if we all work with the ideal of doing an excellent job during these three months -being organised, committed and most important: having a good attitude- surely the impact on our projects will be excellent. This is where we are not only changing our work mind-sets, but we also have a clearer and more concise objective of what we want to achieve. And the main thing is that this impact depends 100% on us.

I am not suggesting that the long-term impact isn’t important, but the responsibility to ensure this depends on the people who are the foundation and support of this project, people who have the privilege of working for at least one year with the organization, following up and ensuring that each of the 5 projects fulfills the main objectives proposed from the beginning.

Let’s also recall that the impact we have on the project is not the sole objective of our institution; one of the main objectives is the volunteer’s personal development, together with the development of every person working for British International Service. And this development isn’t only personal and professional but also encourages us to develop skills in reflection, constructive criticism, to come up with ideas and work so that they are sustainable and benefit the most vulnerable people in our country projects.

And finally, what does being an active citizen mean? Being an active citizen is a lifestyle, it is having the ability to propose ideas, carry them out and execute them on behalf of the most vulnerable populations in our country and in the world. Being an active citizen is to be critical (constructively, of course) regarding the problems of our country and our world, so that criticism becomes reflection and real proposals, in order to work towards a world with more justice, and a world with equal opportunities for all.

All this is summarised in a sentence that, for me, should be the purpose of our lives: to be for others.

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