Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Beautiful Bolivia! Dalanda's photo diary with ChildFund.

The entire ICS Bolivia cohort on 'La Paz Day', 16th July

I never would have thought that in the seven weeks I have spent with my cohort I would get so attached and have such an amazing time. Working in the centes has been tough yet fun and rewarding. I have met some wonderful peope and made frends for a lifetime! This photo diary is just a brief sneek peek into what ChildFund and I have been up to in Bolivia.

Initially there was a lot of confusion about what age group I would be working with but from the first session I spent with them, I loved it. Although my Spanish was very bad they were still easy to talk to and communicate with. So overall the activities went well and they got the most out of them. In the first session with them we sang the Spanish version of ‘head, shoulders, knees and toes’. In this picture I was teaching them how to sing this in English. They were very intrigued by the new language and learnt it very quickly

So far, this is one of my favourite photo’s taken in Bolivia, not only because of the scenery but because of the story behind it... According to legend, the mountains had a huge argument about which one was the mos beautiful. The argument went on for years untill finally the mountain on the right beheaded the mountain on the left and now stands as the most beautiful mountain.

During our 'Action Friday', we painted 'Danger zones' in our Las Lomas centres in La Paz. The children kept me and a few volunteers busy while the others painted the stairs. Here they were teaching us a Spanish song.

While the volunteers and I were painting the stairs, the children came running asking if they could help, I was really surprised by their enthusiasm. This motivated us to get the job done quickly perfectly. We painted the most dangerous areas red. I think this works well with the children as the paint is very clear most importantly them taking part in raising this awareness will be much more efficient than just telling them.

After a long afternoon completing our 'Action Friday' at Richard's centre (Las Lomas) where we painted the danger zones for the children to be able to distinguish which areas were safe to play in and which areas were not, we all gathered to take a well-deserved photo in the shade at the end of the day. Most of us, including myself managed to stay clean and not covered in red paint!

Uni is a centre we only work in a few times. This is a shame because I feel like they could benefit a lot more with our support. The children were very energetic and active! They also seemed to very intrigued by me and Kelly’s dancing and asked us to teach them. This wasn’t a planned activity but if it was one, I think it would be very successful. Kelly was very good at teaching salsa while I was good at pretending I knew what to do - by the looks of things I think I was successful.

Finally, some of the official Childfund crew! (missing a couple - sorry Valentina, Alejandro and Maria Renee!). I feel blessed to have been placed in a group with such diverse and wonderful characters. They all have brought out the best in me. Not a day goes by without each person making me hysterically laugh. Having an understanding and warm team leader has also aided me during this journey. I hope we stay in contact even when we all return home.

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