Monday, July 28, 2014

In a harmonious way

The ChildFund Project that belongs to Cohort 9 could not  have a better start. Things during planning time have taken place in a harmonious way. In the meetings between members of the International Citizen Service/Servicio Internacional Británico in Bolivia and the partners from the different children's centres of the city of La Paz (Las Lomas, Avance Comunitario y Niñas San Gabriel) all the agreements tried always to fit the skills and talents of the U.K. volunteers and cooperantes técnicos (in-country volunteers) with the requirements of each center.

For example, Dalanda is one of the volunteers in the project, who since induction week in La Paz, has seemed to inspire the trust of the locals. During her presence in certain parks or public places, sometimes many mothers asked her if they could get a picture next to her and in certain ocassions she was also asked to hold babies in her arms. Well, it turns that Dalanda will be working in a early stimulation module for children from 0 to 5 at Niñas San Gabriel Center. This center specifically requires the work with this group of children, and as a coincidence, our Team Leader Kelly had previously thought Dalanda to be the assigned volunteer at Niñas San Gabriel Center, which is also a center close to the neighbourhood where Dalanda lives.

Valentina is another volunteer from the project that is also working at Niñas San Gabriel Center, but with older kids in a module about Photography. It turns that she estudied Photography/Graphic Design and its an activity that she does with passion. Her talent will help kids identify problems inside their communities through Photography and make them look for change in the future. Valentina also lives close to this children's center and she was also assigned there previously by the team leader. The cooperante técnica (in-country volunteer) Maria Renne will be supporting this center because she maintains good relations with the partner since she started working at ICS/SIB.

Jessica is a volunteer full of enthusiasm and energy, she always gives fresh and creative ideas in team meetings. She was assigned to Avance Comunitario children's center, a place that I will be supporting as cooperante técnico (in-country volunteer) and that in previous meetings shared with us that they did not have a concrete module planned. Once we agreed with the partner that we will be working on the Oral Health module suggested by ChildFund Bolivia, Jessica begun to mention ideas that gained the attention of the children's center managers. Besides the song about teeth brushing, the building of a big scale mouth and other interesting ideas, Jessica’s energy causes our journeys to the center to be moments in which we are still making up new ideas to support the Oral Health issue in a more effective way.

ChildFund team and educators on their way to one of the children's center under the management of Avance Comunitario.

Richard is the fourth volunteer; he will be working mainly at Las Lomas, a center that I will be also supporting as cooperante técnico (in-country volunteer). This children's center that in previous meetings shared its interest to work on any module just under one condition: to work always under a Human Rights perspective. Therefore, we agreed that the Oral Health module suggested by ChildFund Bolivia will be related to the Right to Health and the module about Dangerous Zones suggested by them will be related to explain in which places children can perform their Rights. It turns out that Richard studied Law in England and inside this field of study he always favoured Human Rights themes.

And last but not least, I have to thank the other cooperante técnico (in-country volunteer) Maria Renee and Team Leader, Kelly. They have welcomed me to the team about a month ago. Maria Renee has inspired me to maintain the calmness that I need in moments where I put to o much pressure on myself. On the other hand, Kelly has always considered and supported the suggestions that I have for the project. When she points out that she is satisfied with the work I have been doing, I feel motivated to give the best of myself for the ChildFund team. Without their help, this harmony in the development of the events would not have happened.

Written by Alejandro Reque.

Edited by Kelly-Marie Roberts.

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