Friday, May 23, 2014

Jade's photo reflection

It has now been just over 2 months since we arrived in the beautiful city of La Paz. The teams are starting to think about summarizing the work weve started and what we can accomplish in the final month we have left.

View from El Alto market, taken in the first week 
All of the volunteers have now settled comfortably into their respective centres. Each ChildFund volunteer has made a lot of great progress with both the children, activities and their Spanish. Good relationships with the educators have been established and though things seldom run as planned the team are good at continuing despite hiccups.

Avance Comunitario children's centre
Though each of the volunteers has faced individual challenges and frustrations, overall there is a positive outlook in the group. Some of these challenges have been the language barrier, working with large amounts of children, illness, timing and miscommunication.

Las Lomas children's centre

Everyone is really enjoying working in their centres, with focus on the products we’ll be creating before we leave. I’m working on painting a mural at Las Lomas and will be having an action Friday where the cohort get to come to my centre. They will help paint and get to see some of the things we do there. 

Las Lomas - the wall for our mural
  Whilst I’m focusing on my mural, Adam in Avance is also working on his own. Eilidh in Las Ninas is running mothers workshops focusing on teaching skills such as planting seeds and cooking. Ana in Jilanataqui has been creating crafts and a dance show with the children in preparation for mothers day.

View of Las Lomas and El Alto from Las Lomas children's centre
It’s saddening that we have under a month left in La Paz. Our final week is used as an evaluation so we have 3 weeks left in our centres. It really feels like the time has flown, its hard to believe we’re nearly finished here! The child fund team are positive about our final weeks in La Paz and all of our hard work coming to fruition. 

Las Lomas - playground

Written by Jade Brhianny Woolley

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