Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Meet the new ChildFund team!

As International Service volunteers we have the chance to meaningfully contribute towards community development, while also exchanging cultures, understandings and lifestyles with people from different part of the globe. The in-country ChildFund team, Sarah, Angie and I, are pleased to welcome 4 new volunteers, whom we look forward to exchanging cultures and experiences with over the next few months.
Hannah Charlton, Simon Jackson, Hannah Folwell and Anselm Carr-Jones

Anselm is 23 years old. At University he studied music, and on returning to the UK he will be participating in ´TeachFirst´ as a trainee teacher.  Anselm’s role in the project will be to research and develop a report on behaviour management, while using his musical experience to teach singing in Avance. 

So far Anselm says he enjoys Bolivia, and appreciates the diversity within the group. While in Bolivia he wants to reflect on his views and understanding of his own country, and reflect on the mutual understanding and learning that Bolivia and Britain can share with one another.

Hannah Folwell

Hannah Folwell is 18 years old and has an interest in business and economics. This is her first time in South America. When asked about her initial thoughts on Bolivia she said she fells very safe in La Paz and finds the people friendly and welcoming.
Hannah feels a lot of responsibility for her part of the project, which is to develop the “products”. Hannah feels the biggest challenge she faces in her time here will be achieving all her goals in such a short space of time.  Hannah is determined to have a positive impact while in Bolivia, and is ready to accomplish a great deal.

Hannah Charlton

Hannah is 22 years old and studied English and American Literature and Culture.  This is her second time in South America, but her first in Bolivia.  She wanted to come to Bolivia to do something meaningful,  and she hopes to integrate and learn about the culture while here. When asked about her time in Bolivia so far Hannah commented, "it's really easy to fall in love with Bolivia”.
While in Bolivia Hannah will lead the team in the completion of our Preventable Diseases module, facilitate capacity building workshops with mothers, and run dance classes in Avance.   While here, Hannah hopes to gain an understanding of the culture and country, and positively grow as a person.


Energetic Simon is 19 years old and will start a degree in Law on returning to the UK. Simon feels the project will help him prepare for his studies back home.

Simon will be responsible for leading on the module and activities surrounding Human Rights.  Simon really wants to make the most of his time in Bolivia so he can grow as a person, gain new experience, speak spanish and have fun. So far, Simon says Bolivia feels full of life and vibrancy.
Simon, Hannah, Hannah and Anselm will join the in-country ChildFund team for the next 3 months.  

We are excited to work together, and so far we find their enthusiasm and desire to work contagious and motivational for the months that lie ahead!

Written by Inti Rioja Guzman
Edited by Sarah Cassidy

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