Friday, May 10, 2013

No te Guies por las Apariencias

This week in my centre, Niñas San Gabriel, I prepared a class on the topic of self-esteem and confidence. The centre welcomes mainly girls and a few boys, aged between 12 and 16. It’s great working with adolescents and youths because we get to have some pretty interesting conversations…and they help me with my Spanish! After getting to know each other over some ice-breaker activities last week, this week was a little more serious as I wanted to get an important message across to the class: “don’t judge based on appearances” or no te guies por las apariencias.

I started by showing a video to the class where the main character had a monstrous face and he was discriminated against and teased in his office. The class found it really interesting and we went on to discuss prejudice, discrimination and the importance of treating others how we want to be treated. I prepared a worksheet with some questions about the video and after everyone had completed the questions we discussed them as a group, and even got some personal stories from some of the class members about similar experiences they had had.

photo 1
Children working on Dina’s activities in Niñas San Gabriel centre

After this, I thought it would be a real confidence booster to have everyone write a compliment about everyone else in the group so that they could take an envelope of compliments away with them and look back at them whenever they felt low.

All in all, the activities went down well and I was really happy with how receptive all the students were. It seems like they have some great values and good ideas!

photo 2
Smita Patel and Roxy Sayer presenting during the “Sexual Reproductive Health” Guided Learning session

Friday is Guided Learning in the office and ChildFund and the Strengthening Families team of Aldeas Infantiles SOS were responsible for preparing a presentation on Sexual Reproductive Health.  We discussed STIs, pregnancy, contraception and social issues surrounding sexual health. The rest of the group were very receptive to our presentations and I hope we shared a few things they didn’t know, especially information that may help them later in their project work too.

Unfortunately, road blockades across Bolivia are not atypical and they are pretty widespread at the moment which means that we are unable to leave La Paz this weekend. We may head over to El Alto market on Sunday and perhaps some Cholita Wrestling if we can stomach it…!

Written by Dina Fahmy
Edited by Liam Hilton

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